About the Video Games department

Since 2012 ETPA has been training
tomorrow's video game professionals.

In 1988, ETPA set up the Multimedia and Computer Graphics , and seven years later, the course was recognised as a Level III degree course.

In 2009, the school introduced 3d real time & augmented reality into its curriculum, which was presumed to be a promising professional sector for the future...

In 2012, the Multimedia and Computer Graphics section specialises in game design:
the Video Games department was born!

Then in 2019, the game design section opened in the new campus of Rennes, which precedes the opening of ETPA within Montpellier's Creative Campus scheduled for the beginning of the academic year in 2020.

Joypad, joystick et manettes de jeux vidéo

School of Video game

Since 2012

Created in 2012, ETPA's video game department aims to train high-level professionals in the fields of video games. This department offers a rich and comprehensive training programme over three years.

Providing high-level training is good. But it is not enough. In spite of its very good examination success rates and the placement of students in companies at the end of the course, ETPA consolidates its professional anchoring every year to enable its students to be optimally integrated.

Believing that it is essential to bring its students as close as possible to the realities of their future careers, ETPA has surrounded itself with a team of specialists in photography and video games to give its courses and workshops, as well as with renowned speakers for conferences and master classes.

In addition to this practical teaching, at the cutting edge of new technologies and current events organised in the various disciplines, ETPA takes part every year in exhibitions, meetings, fairs and competitions. These actions further reinforce the desire to train creative people who are immediately operational at the end of their studies.