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a Professional Photographer

Training in photography:
the photographers of tomorrow

Among the oldest French schools of photography, ETPA, with over forty-five years of experience, offers the best to its classes and ensures that each of its students reveals his / her talent in the mastery of his / her professional, technical and artistic environments.

ETPA's Photography Department includes three courses:

The BTS Photography, under partnership with the State, provides a technical and artistic training,
Both practical and creative, the Practitioner Photographer class is more oriented towards shooting and image processing,
The third year allows students to perfect their skills in the conditions of an agency or a creative studio, in contact with personalities of photography.


Head of
the Photography department

Pierre barbot

The photographic department at ETPA has been training technicians for over 45 years. The most important thing when you come to ETPA is to be highly motivated and passionate.

Awakening their artistic sense, developing their taste for perfection, working on their creativity and photographic sensitivity, these are my objectives. My ambition? That our students have the desire to want and achieve the best without being satisfied with the approximate.

We are very well equipped with analogue machines, ETPA is still one of the few photography schools in France to have laboratories, with color and black and white printing stations, covering all formats. But also we are equipped with a digital imager, with a plotter and of course a studio dedicated to digital: all the existing devices in large format as well as in small format, with continuous lighting techniques, flash, along with all the equipment that we can find currently in a studio.

We try to prepare the students the best for the professional world by having them meet specialists who speak about their professional career and their work.

The opportunities are in all areas of photography, today there are many freelancers working in areas such as fashion, reportage, portraiture, answering press orders, etc., but they can also work as authors. Employed photographers also count for a good part, evolving in shooting studios but also in laboratories in need of technicians.

Finally, we keep a privileged contact with our former students: we follow them, we keep up relations long after ETPA.

Become a photographer :

turn your passion into a profession!

Becoming a photographer is a goal to which many students aspire. Since its creation in 1974, ETPA has always had the ambition to pass on all the knowledge and skills necessary to its students to enable them to achieve their professional goals.

Are you passionate about photography? You practice photography as an amateur, and wish to push further your practice and your knowledge? You wish to develop your artistic sense of photography, in order to use it as a way of expression?

ETPA helps its students to achieve these goals. Discover here the various courses offered by the school, and their objectives.

When students join the ranks of ETPA, they are often driven by a true passion for photography. Their professional ambition is often quite clear, and they aspire to pursue careers as fashion photographers, press photographers, advertising photographers, portrait photographers, laboratory technicians or photography retouchers.

Nevertheless, despite regular and serious practice, they quickly realise that they lack certain tools, and that only professional training would enable them to make up for these weaknesses.

This is indeed ETPA's objective: to enable its students to take a step forward, to master photography in all its depth and complexity, in order to consider making photography their profession. Because becoming a professional photographer requires very specialised technical knowledge, an ability to develop a high-quality artistic and creative approach, a thorough mastery of analog and digital tools, and a working methodology. These components are developed within the framework of the various training courses offered by ETPA.



At ETPA, we prepare future professionals in photography for their future profession, in order to facilitate their integration into the professional market and enable them to find a career that matches their aspirations.

This is why the school offers various courses, all of which are dedicated to satisfying the expectations of our students. Focus on the objectives of the Practitioner Photographer course, the BTS Photography, and the 3rd year of specialisation.



The BTS photography presents an approach that is both technical and creative, and is therefore aimed at a very broad range of audiences. During the 2 years of study that it provides, students study the action of light on various sensitive surfaces as well as the laboratory techniques inherent to the activity of a photographic technician. At the same time, image processing and shooting techniques are studied in depth and practiced regularly.

This balance between technicality and creativity allows future professionals to master very specific aspects of photography and to understand the discipline in all its complexity. Once on the job market, the graduates of this BTS are able to adapt to all types of situations, to move towards artistic as well as technical paths, and to master a whole range of skills inherent to various professions in photography. They are professionals who stand out for their versatility and flexibility.


ETPA offers the training of practitioner photographer on its Toulouse campus. This training, which runs over 2 years, allows students who join ETPA to practise photography intensively. Because at ETPA, we believe that practice, first supervised, and then autonomous, remains the best way to master photography in all its complexity.

Supported by a teaching team rooted in professional reality, students experience similar requirements to those they will encounter once they enter the job market. In order to do this, the students are put into many situations, which allow them to prepare themselves as well as possible for their future activity.

Analog and digital photography, laboratory work and image processing are truly at the heart of this training, and are studied in depth through specific themes. From this perspective, the students refine their technical skills and develop an artistic approach. Optimal conditions to understand their future profession in the best possible way, and to discover their true identity as photographers in greater depth.

Because this is also the aim of this practitioner photographer training: to enable students to specify their own style, to determine the speciality they wish to engage in, in order to define a real professional project.


After 2 years of study in photography, many students wish to pursue their education, in order to further apply what they have learned and acquired. This is the opportunity offered by the 3rd year of specialisation in photography, which takes place under the watchful eye of a team of professional photographers.

This year, entirely dedicated to the developing of a personal creative approach, allows students who wish to become professional photographers to use photography with an artistic purpose, and to practise their art in various forms: photo-reportage, fashion photography, advertising photography, portrait, industrial or corporate photography. The student is confronted with a wide variety of situations, sometimes far removed from his / her favourite subjects, and develops a real professional practice.

In order to enable students to develop their network, and to confront the views of professionals from outside the school, ETPA organises several masterclasses. These multiple contacts with photography professionals are an opportunity for students to redefine their position, change their outlook and question their practice. It is under these conditions that they reveal themselves and serenely consider the almost natural transition to their professional activity.


After each of the training courses mentioned above, there are many possibilities in terms of job opportunities. Depending on whether the graduate student wishes to follow a more artistic or technical path, he or she may consider one of the following careers: portraitist, photo reporter, fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, culinary photographer, advertising photographer, press photographer, photographic technician, photographic laboratory operator, photography retoucher...

In terms of structures, he / she may choose to join a photo studio, an advertising agency, a press agency, the photography department of a company, a photo laboratory... He / she may also choose to pursue a career as an art photographer, and exhibit his / her work in art galleries or in specialised magazines.

Whatever their career choice, ETPA graduates will have the opportunity to practice their activity as professional photographers in France, but also to export their know-how abroad. Their enhanced skills and versatility will also enable them to consider exploring new specialities throughout their careers.


After graduating from ETPA, the artistic and technical maturity of our students is no longer to be proven! Capable of demonstrating cutting-edge skills and a flawless working methodology, they can apply for positions in photo studios, photo laboratories or even go freelance as professional photographers. Whichever path they choose, they can rely on the network of professionals that ETPA has been developing since its creation in 1974.

Because anticipating and preparing the integration of our students into the professional environment is an imperative to which ETPA is committed on a daily basis : the school organises numerous events, favouring this contact between students and professionals. Masterclasses, conferences, workshops, juries... are all opportunities for professionals to share their know-how, and for our students to position themselves with a view to finding their first job. A precious and helpful support, which many former students manage to keep after graduating from ETPA.

This network, both national and international, is also maintained by our alumni: since its creation in 1974, ETPA has seen a large number of photographers leave its ranks, some of whom have had prolific careers in a variety of surprisingly varied environments. It is these alumni who also help to facilitate the integration of future ETPA graduates: through their seriousness, their talent and the quality of their work, they make ETPA a guarantee of unfailing professionalism and recognised expertise.

The facilities available to ETPA students also contribute to their success, and to their integration into the professional market. Trained on state-of-the-art photographic and computer equipment, in a working environment of over 650m² of modular space, our students are operational as soon as they graduate. A quality that many photo studios and laboratories appreciate upon starting their career.